Newport Beach Bereavement

Newport Beach bereavement services can help friends and family members deal more healthfully with the passing of a loved one. Grief can become a difficult process for many, and it can take time for you to work through your emotions before you can get to a place of healing and acceptance of the new normal in life. Instead of working through these emotions on your own, we recommend that you use professional bereavement services that will cover an array of needs for close friends and family members of your loved one, such as emotional support in a one-on-one setting as well as community support groups and spiritual counseling.

St. Bernardine Care Providers in Newport Beach can help with every step of elder care, including skilled nursing, inpatient medical care, and social work. However, when the final hour comes for your loved one, we will always provide the most compassionate care for your loved one as well as for all family members who are gathered. Through our hospice services, we provide respect and compassion throughout the end of a patient’s life, preserving the patient’s dignity and providing comfort in every way through this often difficult journey.

Hospice Care in Newport Beach

Whether you are struggling greatly with this life change or have not even quite come to grips with the bereavement, you need solid support. You are or will soon be grieving for numerous things, such as the life that you shared with your loved one, your inability to adequately communicate what you are feeling, the fact that you will no longer hold your loved one’s hand and the fact that your children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren will never be able to know this amazing person for themselves. Beginning to acknowledge what has happened and what your emotions currently are is the first step toward full healing.

However, for many people, grief can be a lengthy process, filled with much questioning of all that one thought he once knew. When you come to us for help and guidance in Newport Beach, you can find the answers to many of your questions, work through your grief in a healthy way and find professional support in a comfortable and safe environment. Whether you are just beginning down the hospice road or have recently lost your loved one, contact us today to learn how our Newport Beach bereavement services can aid you and your family.