Newport Beach Home Care

Newport Beach home care can help seniors who are recovering from illnesses or surgeries as well as those who cannot take care of their daily activities. While seniors and their family members can find a variety of services that help them stay at home, such as grocery delivery, subscription services, and lawn care, it can be difficult to get more personalized help that keeps individuals healthy. Without proper health care, seniors may end up in long-term care facilities where they can no longer be as independent as they would like.

However, Newport Beach home care takes care of some of these unique needs. Home care can provide a variety of services to seniors, such as patient education, regular injections, wound care, nutrition therapy and help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, and feeding. These services keep seniors healthy, take away the stress of remembering medications and appointments, and help them stay satisfied with the quality of their lives. In fact, statistics show that home health care is far cheaper than inpatient care is and that it leaves patients feeling more comfortable and far happier with their lives.

The Comforts of Newport Beach Home Care

Nearly any patient would say that he would prefer to recover in his own bed than in a hospital bed. Hospitals and other inpatient or skilled nursing facilities are generally found to be noisy and uncomfortable. They do not give patients the privacy that they want, and they do not imbue patients with the emotional wellbeing that they can find at home. Therefore, not only is home health care less expensive, but it is also far more effective in many ways than inpatient care is for managing certain long-term conditions.

There are many different services that seniors can receive through Newport Beach home care. Skilled nursing is the most popular need for seniors. However, around 40 percent of seniors receiving home care also rely on physical therapists for in-home services. Other common service providers who visit seniors’ homes include nursing assistants who help with activities of daily living, occupational therapists, wound care nurses, and dietitians and nutrition counselors.

For many seniors, Newport Beach home care may be covered by Medicare or their supplementary insurance. In fact, Medicare may cover up to 28 hours of home care for seniors each week. This makes home care even more affordable and even more of a positive experience for seniors concerned about their finances.