Tustin Palliative Care

Tustin palliative care provides compassionate care to patients who are nearing the end of their lives as well as to patients who are struggling physically, mentally, spiritually or socially with difficult, life-altering diagnoses of any type. Many people who hear the term palliative care believe that it refers only to end-of-life care, but this is simply not always the case. Unlike hospice care, which patients can only receive if they have six months or less to live, palliative care can be given to patients of any age who are at any stage in their disease. However, it is similar to end-of-life care in that it focuses on providing patients with quality, need-based care that helps them live as comfortably as possible while fulfilling as many of their life and health goals as it can. 

Palliative Care for Seniors in Tustin

There are several key benefits to choosing palliative care in Tustin for yourself or for a loved one. First, this type of medical care addresses the needs of the whole body. It helps patients carry on with their regular daily tasks whenever possible. 

Second, Tustin palliative care is designed to improve the overall quality of life for the patient. It can be used to address pain, nausea, shortness of breath, depression, anxiety, and more.

Third, palliative care can be integrated into any type of care plan. Therefore, it does not have to be used on its own but can be added on to a curative plan of care provided through the primary physician. Palliative care works well in these scenarios because it finds ways to decrease pain and other unwelcome symptoms so that patients can deal with their symptoms and the side effects of their other treatments as well as possible.

Fourth, palliative care focuses on communication. Not only will the palliative care team be constantly communicating with the patient and his family members to address personal needs, concerns and goals, but also the team will communicate extensively with the primary care physician to ensure that treatments are designed to interact well with each other.

Tustin palliative care may be a good choice for patients who are currently dealing with nearly any serious health diagnoses, such as COPD, cancer, or heart disease. It can also be used by patients of any age. Be sure to talk with a physician if you believe that you or a loved one could benefit from this type of specialized and compassionate care.