Simple Fall Season Safety Tips for Seniors to Help Prevent Mishaps

Simple Fall Season Safety Tips for Seniors to Help Prevent Mishaps

Many seniors living near Irvine love the changing colors of the falling leaves, carving pumpkins with the younger family members, and getting outdoors for brisk walks on beautiful fall days. The sound of crisp leaves crunching beneath the feet and the scent of hearty stews and delicious pumpkin treats can energize even the tiredness of people.

However, along with myriad beauty scenes and fun events that the cooler months tend to bring, there are a number of significant safety issues that should be addressed to keep everyone safe from harm this fall season and into the upcoming winter months.

Check Outside Lighting to Help Prevent Falls as Darkness Comes Earlier

Along with changing the batteries in smoke detectors during the time change, look around outside and check if the outdoor lighting is sufficient. Darkness comes earlier in the cooler months.

Simply ensuring that light bulbs are changed and light fixtures are present to brighten up the outdoor pathways cab dramatically lessen the risks of a nasty fall due to unseen obstacles in the way. Consider adding motion detection security lights for added peace-of-mind and increased overall site safety as well.

Put Lawn Tools & Equipment in an Easy-to-Access Location

Seniors should get all of their outside lawn tools and supplies out in a readily accessed location. These tools may include rakes, sand/deice anti-slip materials, leaf blowers, hedge trimmers, and other items. If these tasks are too heavy or difficult for a senior to do alone, they should ask a neighbor or family member for assistance to avoid lifting injuries. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for bad weather to arrive before getting your supplies ready for use.

Fix Any Porch Steps, Patio Surfaces, Sidewalks or Driveways

Seniors should get their outdoor walkways and driveways carefully assessed for any signs of wear or damage that could present a danger come inclement weather. This is best done by a professional if work does need to be completed. Broken steps account for a high percentage of senior falls that result in injuries.

Beware of Rotting Leaves in an Enclosed Cellar Entryway

Rotting leaves can emit a toxic fume that is unnoticeable but can be deadly. Keep leaves from piling up in outside basement access doors and other enclosed regions.

Contact St. Bernardine Hospice Care for more senior safety recommendations.