Thoughtful Gifts that Are Appropriate to Give Someone in Hospice in Irvine

Thoughtful Gifts that Are Appropriate to Give Someone in Hospice in Irvine

Many people diagnosed with a terminal illness prefer to spend their last days in a caring hospice environment. This could be a hospice home care service or a healthcare facility dedicated to end-of-life care. Many individuals wonder what to give their loved ones in these situations.

Thoughtful Gifts Appropriate for Someone in a Hospice Program

There are some nice gifts that are appropriate for someone who is dying that can truly bring a smile and hopefully some comfort. Small, thoughtful gifts and acts of kindness are something everyone can enjoy, even in the face of the unknown.

Go for Gifts that Remind the Person of Happy Memories Shared

A terrific idea is to get a digital photo frame downloaded with family and friends taken during happier days. Many hospice patients like to reminisce, and some feel a pressing need to pass on their cherished memories and unique life stories.

Record Memories that Can Be a Cherished Family Heirloom Later

Give a small voice recorder. This can allow the person to record their thoughts and memories in order to preserve them for the loved ones left behind. This could even be used to record visitors as they discuss past events and fun times. There is even a service that family and friends can call to leave messages.

Gifts to Comfort the Body & Soothe the Soul

Any type of device or item that can help ease someone’s aches a bit or make them smile is certainly a good gift option.

Here are some favorites:

  • Small Plants – Desert Cacti & Others Require Little Care
  • Comfort Foods – Clear with Caregivers First
  • Favorite Reading Material – Books, Magazines, Audio, or Print
  • Gift Baskets with Snacks, Fruits, Teas, Cozy Socks & Puzzle Books
  • Scented Aromatherapy Oils or Candles
  • Create a Personalized Playlist of Favorite Songs
  • A Soothing Sound Machine, Extra Nice Pillows & Adaptable Clothing/Slippers
  • Warm or Weighted Soft & Colorful Blankets
  • Special Lotions, Foot Massager or a Pretty Head-Wrap or Warm Cap

The best gifts, of course, are time spent visiting, laughing, and lending a listening ear. Spend time playing a game, watching a favorite movie, reading aloud from a much-loved book, or sharing news of common friends, other family members, or neighbors.