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The Best Lifestyle Changes for Seniors

The Best Lifestyle Changes for Seniors | St. Bernardine Hospice Care

A quick trip to visit your doctor will quickly reveal the need for lifestyle changes. After all, lifestyle changes are sometimes as effective as medications at decreasing such diseases as osteoporosis, diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. Here are some of the top changes to help you experience amazing results.

Decreasing Salt in the Diet

Decreasing your salt intake is particularly important if you have any form of cardiovascular disease, including high blood pressure. In fact, you may be able to lower both your systolic and diastolic numbers significantly by decreasing your usage of table salt and watching your salt intake from pre-packaged foods.

Increasing Fiber in the Diet

Fiber is especially important as you age because it decreases the constipation that is so much a part of the life of many seniors. In addition, fiber can be important in decreasing your incidence of heart disease because it decreases blood cholesterol levels.

Strength Training

Even if you already participate in cardio fitness, an important component of heart and lung health, consider adding in some strength training two to three times per week. Not only will this strengthen your muscles, decreasing your chance of falling as you age, but also it can improve your bone mass and decrease your risk of osteoporosis.

Using Sunscreen Regularly

Skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed type of cancer in the United States, but it can be treated well as long as it is caught early. Be sure to visit your dermatologist at least once per year, and apply sunscreen to all of your skin daily, paying particular attention to your face.

Managing Stress

Your daily level of stress not only affects your mental health but also determines certain parts of your physical health. Regular stress raises the level of cortisol in your blood, which can lead to widespread inflammation and many chronic problems, including heart disease.

Of course, you will want to discuss the lifestyle changes that are best suited to your needs with your physician. While all of these are healthy choices, your doctor may recommend starting with another change, such as losing weight or increasing your fluid intake. Once you integrate one healthy tip into your life and turn it into a habit, start working on the next tip. In no time at all, you will feel proud of the many important changes you have made.