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Tips for Coping with Coronavirus-Related Anxiety

Tips for Coping with Coronavirus-Related Anxiety | OC Hospice Care

The coronavirus has certainly changed many aspects of everyday life in America. Children are home from school, thousands of businesses are shuttered, and far-reaching stay-at-home orders affect the majority of citizens. Seniors may feel forgotten in all of the busyness of this time. If they are retired or have few family members nearby, they may spend much of these days in isolation, which can be a stepping stone to depression and anxiety. Even if you are spending all of your days at home and have no face-to-face contact with loved ones, there are some things that you can do to cope with coronavirus-related anxiety and to ensure that your life remains as rich and full as possible.

Find Online Connections

Thanks to technology today, you can probably find numerous ways to connect with loved ones over the Internet. Try using video chat options regularly. You can also find plenty of businesses and churches that are providing live-streaming or pre-recorded services, concerts, and more. This will keep you connected to the things you love.

Limit the Consumption of News

Reading too much news can make you feel overwhelmed. Instead, try to take in the news only once per day, whether that is through browsing the Internet or watching the nightly news.

Exercise at Home

Exercise is a well-known means of increasing certain feel-good hormones. Take a walk around your neighborhood, or pop in an exercise DVD that you have had for years. You can even find plenty of free options online, including walk-at-home workouts, yoga, strength training, and more.

Use Telehealth

If you feel that your anxiety is getting the better of you, contact your doctor who may be able to set your mind at ease or recommend an anxiety-releasing technique or treatment. With telehealth options, you can meet with your doctor without going to the clinic.

While physical distancing is a vital way to stop the spread of coronavirus in the next few weeks, you should know that being cut off from loved ones can come with unwelcome consequences as a senior citizen. Whether you are feeling anxious because your children cannot come to visit you from a different state or because you worry about the high numbers of coronavirus cases among the elderly, these tips can help you get away from racing, anxious thoughts, and find ways to remain connected and healthy mentally.