Is Grieving on Social Media the Best Thing for Your Family?

Is Grieving on Social Media the Best Thing for Your Family?

Losing the people you love, or experiencing a terminal illness, causes grief. Not only are the pangs of mourning life-altering, but you may not know how to cope. Medical experts have highly studied the various stages of grief, and there’s not a person alive who won’t be touched by this overwhelming emotion at least some point in their lives.

While the feelings are the same, the way to cope has changed. Many folks are turning to social media to help them during their sadness. Social media has become an intricate part of many lives in the past decade. As such, it’s also become a great way to grieve.

Since many of your family and friends use these channels to document their daily occurrences, it’s become a natural part of the grieving process. However, there are pros and cons to using these social outlets to voice your hurts.

The Advantages of Social Sharing

Social media allows you to connect with people both near and far, and it gives you a platform to voice your hurts, concerns, and family happenings. Even if you don’t see these people in person, the connections you make are still close. You form a support system of folks that you can cry with and share some of your intellectual musings.

When you face a health crisis or lose a loved one, there’s a whole network of friends to support you. Thankfully, this can be a healthy way to process all the overwhelming feelings you’re experiencing.

In the event of someone’s passing, you can share information about the memorial service and honor that person’s memory. However, while it all seems good, there are some downsides to consider.

The Disadvantages of Social Sharing

Some people use social media to get attention. This makes it hard for those who are genuinely grieving, as some just seek attention. Additionally, while you like sharing things and talking about the journey, others might find it jarring and hurtful to see pictures and read stories of a passed loved one. Remember, everyone grieves differently.

Since you’re not the only one going through this grieving process, someone who gets to a good spot might not want to be reminded of things. So, they may find your grieving hard to handle as they’re trying to process what’s occurred. Others may get tired of seeing what they deem as negativity, as social media can be full of it sometimes.

Posting Deceased Profiles and Memorials

Social media is like a diary that leaves a trail for loved ones in the future. They can see pictures, read stories, and share memories left behind. While scrolling through these screens while the grieving is fresh may be too painful, in time, the wounds will heal a bit. Looking back on videos, photos, and posts may be comforting and offer an opportunity to share with future generations.