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Important Summer Season Safety Tips for Seniors & Their Caregivers

Important Summer Season Safety Tips for Seniors & Their Caregivers

The summer season is traditionally a time for fun and visiting with family and others after the long winter months when work and school obligations may interfere with socialization plans. Although summer is a terrific time to get outdoors and engage in outdoor activities, there are some important summer season safety tips that seniors and their caregivers or family members should take heed of.

Tips for Keeping a Senior’s Environment Safe During Warmer Months

With the arrival of summer, many seniors get more family visits that might include younger children. Keeping the home safe for younger kids is imperative, and seniors should mind their medicine, keeping them out of reach of curious little ones and teens perhaps looking for a high. Make sure that any medications carried in a purse or other piece of carry-on luggage are contained in a child-proof bottle that is clearly marked.

Caregivers and family members of seniors can also make the home safe for seniors by keeping halls, steps, and other walkway paths free from clutter and other obstacles that may cause an elder to trip or fall.

Other summer season safety tips for seniors include:

  • Checking AC or HVAC Units
  • Sun Protection Outdoors & Driving in Vehicles
  • Shade Areas – awnings, sun umbrellas or other coverings
  • Wipe Up Water Splashes & Spills Right Away
  • Provide Adequate Lighting
  • Check Medications for Sun Sensitivity
  • Drink Plenty of Water
  • Avoid Too Much Alcohol
  • Wear Supportive & Breathable Shoes
  • Avoid Throw Rugs Not Backed for Slip Resistance
  • Help with Lawn/Garden Care
  • Keep Cooking & Other Supplies in Reach
  • Adding Safety Grip Bars in BR

Keeping Seniors Connected During Quarantine or Illness Outbreaks

While the main flu season generally occurs in the fall and early winter months, this year poses some new infection control issues. It is essential to keep seniors safe, healthy, and connected with their loved ones during quarantine or other outbreaks of illnesses.

Families should check everyone’s temperature and assess for illness before visiting their senior-aged family members at home or in a care home. Use proper infection control measures to keep everyone safe and healthy this summer season.

By planning ahead and paying attention to common sense safety guidelines, this summer can be an awesome time for seniors and their families. Contact SBCP Home Care (Hospice Home) at