Senior Living Today Is More Than Weekly Bingo & Porch Rocking Chairs

Senior Living Today Is More Than Weekly Bingo & Porch Rocking Chairs

Staying physically and mentally active pursing activities that seniors truly enjoy is part of the secret to leading happy golden lives. Whether staying in your own comfortable and familiar home, living with an adult child, or residing in a senior care community, senior living today is much more than attending weekly bingo games and catching a fresh breeze sitting while sitting in porch rocking chairs.

Engage Your Mind by Learning a New Skill or Hobby

Aging experts encourage seniors to remain active and engaged in challenging endeavors to help keep the mind and body healthier during those long-awaited retirement years. Learning new skills and hobbies are a terrific way to exercise your mental capabilities as well as providing an excellent and fun way to socialize.

Here are a few learning skills to consider:

  • Art Therapy or Classes – Painting, Drawing, or Pottery
  • Woodworking, Sewing, or Other Crafting Class
  • Learning a Foreign Language
  • Sitting in Local College Classes
  • Attending Community Educational Lectures & Events
  • Joining a Book Club
  • Taking a Computer Class
  • Fun Ways Seniors Are Staying Physically Fit These Days

Physical execise is important for maintaining and improving overall health in general. Today’s seniors are far more active and adventurous than the younger generations give them credit for. Below are some upbeat and fun ways seniors are staying physically fit these days.

  • Dance – Ballroom, Square, Line Dancing, etc.
  • Walking with Friends, Pets, or Grandkids
  • Zumba
  • Martial Arts
  • Yoga or WC Yoga
  • Spin Class or Outdoor Biking
  • Swimming
  • Gardening or Landscaping
  • Outdoor Excursions & Community Event Trips

Seniors can stay connected to their communities by participating in group outdoor excursions and enlightening community event trips. Ideas include concerts, a picnic in a park, senior shopping trips, tourist bus or cruise tours, going on nearby nature walks, visiting museums, or going to a local farmer’s market or craft show.

A few other ideal senior activities include local fairs, parades, or other community events or projects. Many seniors love going to the movies, bowling, or a sporting event with peers. Others enjoy weekly cooking, quilting, or other pastime choices that allow them to have fun while visiting with like-minded individuals.

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