How to Use Music to Calm Nerves, Lift Spirits, & Restore Inner Balance

How to Use Music to Calm Nerves, Lift Spirits, & Restore Inner Balance

For eons of time, humans have used music to reflect their cultures, improve their mood, celebrate life’s milestones, and to create happiness. Music therapy is used today by many healthcare providers, therapists, and others to promote relaxation and to soothe the mind. Learn how to use music to calm nerves, lift spirits and restore the inner balance necessary for good health and continued feelings of well-being.

Choose a Favorite Form of Music & Select Songs or Melodies That Please You

Music should be a personal experience to realize its healing benefits and other health-related advantages. Choose a music form and style that appeals to your personal likes. Select songs or melodies that seem to speak to your innermost being for the greatest effect and beneficial emotional impact.

Some may like listening to a favorite singer, and others will prefer the simple sounds of an instrument well-played. With so many different musical styles, instrument choices, and musical genres to choose from, there is sure to be an ideal music option to appeal to every unique personality.

Humming & Various Musical Tones Calms Nerves & Lifts Spirits

If you have ever taken a yoga or meditation class, you might have noticed that the instructor used instruments or a background musical sound to fill the silence and help practitioners focus on their breathing and inner balance.

Humming has been proven by researchers to promote a natural calm, decrease depression, and improves the spirit by creating deep internal feelings of joy and peace. So, feel free to hum or sing along to your chosen music to enjoy all its therapeutic benefits.

Some ideas include using spiritual chants, inspirational music, or deeply reverberating instrumental tones from bells, chimes, and wind instruments. Many purchase sound-machines, collections of musical tones, or hang wind chimes of various sizes and materials to be played by the breeze.

Consider Learning to Play an Instrument or Go to Musical Concerts

Engaging in music by playing an instrument or singing can be deeply rewarding and healing to many people. Consider taking voice or instrument lessons, or plan to see musical concerts, plays, or other musical opportunity events that become available in your community. For those stuck at home, tune into a music video channel, watch a favorite musical or crank up the music on the radio, Internet, or personal sound player.