How Nature Can Soothe the Spirit & Help Prompt the Body’s Natural Healing Processes

How Nature Can Soothe the Spirit & Help Prompt the Body's Natural Healing Processes

As the long damp winter chill gives way to warmer spring weather, many are anxious to get outdoors and enjoy all that warm weather months can offer. Staying cooped up indoors can become isolating and may push down our inner spirit some. Many people find that nature can soothe the spirit and help prompt the body’s natural healing processes.

Banish Blues by Letting in Natural Light & Enjoy Window Views

Even if you must stay indoors due to health, work, or other reason, there are ways to bring touches of healing nature vibes indoors. Try moving your bed or an easy chair close to a window that offers a spectacular view of the surrounding scenery. Pull back the curtains to let the light filter into your indoor spaces. This can help squash those depressing thoughts and may spark inner hopes for a better future.

Easy Ways to Bring a Touch of Nature into Your Indoor Spaces

Consider setting up an indoor garden terrarium filled with succulent easy-care plants like flowering cacti, creeping figs, air ferns, or pothos. Even an arrangement of pretty rocks and green moss can look lovely and refreshing inside a glass container.

These require little watering and care, and the containers can be found in a variety of sizes and styles. Another idea is to grow a few fragrant herbs for a kitchen window herb garden. The fresh herbs will taste good in your favorite dishes for an additional bonus.

Consider Setting Up a Fish Aquarium

Many individuals love the beauty of waterscapes, including natural lakes, melodic streams, and majestic ocean scenes, or even a running fountain. Consider setting up an indoor fish aquarium to calm your soul and encourage deep relaxation. An aquarium could be large or small, and several fish, like betas, can even live in a fishbowl small enough to put on a desk, tabletop, or windowsill.

Plant a Window Box of Flowers and/or Hang Pretty Birdfeeders

Set up a window box planted with your favorite blooms outside or inside a window. This is a lovely way to bring some color and freshness into your home. Attract birds by hanging several birdfeeders made to draw hummingbirds and other bird species that live in your geographical location. Certain flowers will attract butterflies that are enjoyable to watch dancing midair among the bursts of colorful blooms.