Recording Your Life’s Story

Recording Your Life’s Story

Whether you’ve lived in a castle or a humble cottage, you have a story. Sharing memories with your loved ones keeps your spirit alive long after you’ve gone. Recording the events of your life could be a priceless treasure to your future generations.

Creating a Family Tree

How far back have you traced your family tree? With today’s innovative websites, you needn’t be a seasoned genealogist to glean information about your family. Instead, many of these sites teach you to search through census and other government records for your ancestors.

You can also find many free printouts online, such as blank family tree forms. If you need help, ask a more technical savvy family member or library staff. The first limb of your family starts with you.

Try to fill in all you know about yourself, your parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Include dates such as births, marriages, professions, deaths, and burial places. The more you research and add, the more of a footprint you leave to your children and grandchildren.

Your Autobiography

You don’t have to be a celebrity or millionaire to record your life story. There’s never been anybody in history like you, nor will there ever be. Your account is just as touching as anyone else’s, especially to your family and friends.

The good news about composing your memoirs is that you can do it however you like. You can start from your birth and where you were born, or let your story begin in adulthood. It’s your choice to mention or omit any events.

Family How-To Book

Do you often wish your grandmother would have written down her favorite recipes for you? Perhaps your father was a farmer who had a lifetime of knowledge about plants and gardening. Maybe after they’ve gone, you wish you would’ve asked more questions.

If you have a particular skill in creating family memories, why not share them for posterity. Recipe cards and other pages written by your hand would be worth their weight in gold to your family. If you have problems writing, you could always type them or have someone transcribe them.

Picture This

Some family treasures, like specific photos, are irreplaceable. Consider making copies of your favorite pictures and mounting them in a family album. Be sure to include names, dates, and places on the backs for easy reference.

The ancients believed that you were alive as long as people remembered your name. Preserving your memories could be one of the greatest gifts to give to your family. It’s your story and connection with them long after you’re gone.