Keeping Alzheimer’s Patients Busy

Keeping Alzheimer’s Patients Busy

Perhaps nothing could be more devastating than to watch a loved one slowly slip into the darkness of Alzheimer’s disease. They may have all but forgotten the activities and hobbies that brought them pleasure in the past. But, even if they’re a hospice patient, you can still spend quality time doing things together.

Busy Hands, Busy Mind

Many Alzheimer’s patients live at home or with their families. It’s easy for them to get bored, frustrated, and depressed. You can do four activities together to help keep them joyfully occupied.

  1. Read Together

If your loved one has always been an avid reader, they probably miss reading a fascinating novel, short story, or magazine. Try to find a book or periodical appropriate to their interests and comprehension. The two of you can read together, or you can read to them and let them follow along.

Bright, cheerful pictures can stimulate their mind and make them happy. Choose literature that’s easy to read in one setting. Consider scheduling a reading session together each day, according to how they feel.

  1. Play and Sing Music

The beauty of music is that it transcends time, language, and culture. There’s something magical about the rhythm and harmony that boosts your spirits. So try bringing some music into your loved one’s life every day.

Did they play the piano or another instrument in the past? Set down with them, and you may be surprised what they may remember by heart. Sing some of their favorite tunes or play golden oldies on the radio or a computer app.

  1. Do Simple Household Chores

Everybody likes to feel needed and like they’re contributing to the household. Your loved one may have Alzheimer’s, but they still need to belong. So let them help you with small tasks around the house to beat boredom.

Find chores that are familiar and won’t overwhelm them. For example, they could help you fold laundry or maybe dry dishes. They’ll have a sense of accomplishment, and you’ll have a precious helping hand.

  1. Work Puzzles

You’d be amazed at how much fun a simple jigsaw can be for an Alzheimer’s patient. Find brightly colored pictures of things that your loved one enjoys. Then, choose simple puzzles with larger pieces they can work with more quickly.

Final Thoughts

When you have SBCP Hospice care in Irvine, you know that you’re not on this journey alone. Caring for your terminally ill loved one is a labor of love. Our professional, compassionate staff can help you make the time together less stressful and more meaningful.