Preventing Slip Trip Accidents

Preventing Slip Trip Accidents

Slip and trip accidents are commonplace for people of all age groups, but it’s especially prevalent in the senior community. While a fall is severe, it’s more dangerous when you’re older, have brittle bones, and failing health. Did you know that many seniors will need intensive treatment after a serious fall? This could require hip or shoulder replacements, among other things.

Preventing Slip-Trip Accidents

Thankfully, there’s a way to stop slip and fall accidents by using preventative measures. Here are a few things you can do to help you or a loved one who is an at-fall risk.

  1. Clear All Walkways

The more clutter in the path, the easier it’s to fall. Make sure there’s no excessive clutter around that someone could trip over.

  1. Use Double Sided Tape on Rugs

Rugs and carpeting are notorious for causing an accident. However, some double-sided tape from your local hardware store will do the trick. Just apply this tape to the ends of the rugs that give you problems, and it will keep the edge from lifting or skidding out from under you.

  1. Place Things in Lower Cabinets

The higher cabinets pose a risk for seniors, especially those with mobility issues who use a wheelchair. Putting things in the lower cabinets and keeping things at counter height is advisable.

  1. Use Non-Slip Mats in the Shower

Most slip and trip accidents happen in the bath, especially if it’s wet. Thankfully, you can buy an inexpensive mat or have grips mounted to the bottom of the tub to prevent a fall. It’s also advisable to have grab bars in the shower area. Should you start to tumble, the bar can help you regain your balance.

  1. Make Sure All Light Bulbs Work

Dimly lit areas are a severe issue, but ensuring all light bulbs are working reduces the risk. You might want to replace any older bulbs with the newer ones that last a lot longer. Since changing many lights require you to climb, the LED bulbs won’t require a change as often.

  1. Exercise Regularly

One way that you can prevent accidents is by becoming stronger through exercise. Many seniors have issues with mobility and balance, but you can help to combat this common problem. When you’re moving and exercising, you’ll improve your mobility, balance, and coordination as you build strength and resistance.

  1. Secure Cords and Wires

First, it’s not safe to use extension cords long-term, and second, you want to ensure that any wires or cords are secured to the wall or floor. There’s a higher probability of an accident when cords are on the floor.

Final Thoughts

While you can’t avoid every accident, a few simple precautionary measures can help to prevent one. Falls can be catastrophic to your body, and it only takes a few minutes of your time to secure things to stop these incidents from occurring.