3 Reasons Why Choosing Hospice Sooner Makes a Difference

3 Reasons Why Choosing Hospice Sooner Makes a Difference

At St. Bernadine Hospice Care, one of the things that we often hear from families is that they wished they had chosen hospice sooner. Many people don’t understand our services or are suspicious of untruths they’ve heard. The average patient spends around 72 days in hospice care, which comes from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization statistics.

Sadly, many people languish for many months, being terminally ill and not knowing help is available. Here are three things many people don’t realize about our program and why it’s best to call us for assistance.

  1. We Focus on Comfort Care

One of the biggest misconceptions of hospice is its purpose. Our main goal is to improve the patient’s quality of life. We don’t want anyone to be in pain, so we manage pain control. However, we also try to maintain their spiritual, social, and emotional needs.

Many folks are afraid to call us sooner because they don’t want to leave the comfort of their home. This is another big misconception, as hospice care can happen wherever you desire. Remember, we want our patients to be comfortable, so we work with them to ensure this happens. You can be in a home, care center, or anywhere that makes you feel more at ease.

  1. Support is For Patients and Their Families

The hospice staff is not only there for the patient but also for their family. We have a spiritual care staff, nurses, doctors, and volunteers that ensure the entire family has the support they need. Death is a scary time, and being sick and unable to do much can worsen things. We understand how emotional the journey is, so we want to offer support to the entire family.

  1. Medications and Supplies Are Provided

Most medications, supplies, and equipment are provided by hospice. The family doesn’t have to run all over town or make endless phone calls to get what their loved one needs. The hospice team service handles all the medication to ensure it’s one less thing to do. We want the family to focus on spending time with their loved ones, so we handle all the mundane tasks like stocking supplies.

Hospice care is an excellent program that can enrich the lives of those who utilize it. Everyone needs a strong support team during this time, and the hospice staff at St. Bernadine’s excels in making you feel like you have a trusted friend by your side.