Traveling Considerations for Seniors on Hospice Care

Traveling Considerations for Seniors on Hospice Care

If you or your loved one is in hospice care, you may have places to visit on your “bucket list.” The good news is that many hospice patients still have the health and energy for limited travel. Here are some specific traveling suggestions for you to consider.

Lodging Considerations

Where you stay dramatically depends on your comfort and medical needs. The good news is that most hotels and motels are handicap-accessible and offer other necessary amenities. The quality of your lodgings and the number of amenities depends on your budget.

Before you book your stay, you should make a list of questions to ask, such as:

  • Do you need a ground floor room, or is there an elevator at the hotel?
  • Is there room for any durable medical equipment you need?
  • How far is the closest emergency room? You never know when someone will need emergency medical care.


It would help if you also considered time and comfort for your travels. While shorter trips are more convenient, you must still consider comfort aspects. For longer trips, most people don’t have the resources to hire a private driver with a specialized vehicle.

Can you or your loved one position yourself comfortably in a car or van seat? Will you require special accommodations for a wheelchair or other medical equipment? You may need to stop frequently for restroom breaks or other health-related issues.

If you’re considering a long-distance trip, flying can save time, but it can present other issues and risks. Discuss your needs with your prospective airlines before you book your flight. It depends on your medical issues and needs whether flying is a viable option for you.


Single-day or weekend excursions don’t require as much packing as more extended stays. Your packing list is contingent on your specific medical needs and the length of stay. You may need a separate suitcase for medical supplies and your medication.

Portable oxygen machines, CPAP, and other durable medical equipment also need space in the vehicle. It doesn’t hurt to pack a few extra supplies for your equipment in case of an emergency.

Final Thoughts

The compassionate professionals at St. Bernardine’s Hospice Care realize that you don’t want to spend your limited time in a bed. If it’s medically possible, you can still enjoy short trips with your family. Making memories together while you’re able can give you and them the emotional strength you need in the coming days.