Helping Your Loved One Feel Attractive In Their Final Days

Helping Your Loved One Feel Attractive In Their Final Days

Terminal illness changes people, and they often feel like they can’t recognize themselves. Chemotherapy and other treatments take a tremendous toll on a patient’s body and skin. They may dread looking into a mirror because they are self-conscious and no longer feel attractive.

The Confidence of Feeling Attractive

If your friend or loved one is in hospice care, you have a unique opportunity to boost their spirits and confidence. Just because a person is terminally ill doesn’t mean they still don’t want to look and feel attractive. It’s a basic human desire and is vital for their dignity.

The ravages of age and sickness are particularly difficult for women. Throughout their lives, most gave thorough attention to their hair, makeup, and clothing. They didn’t need to be in Hollywood to look like a star. Also, male patients like to be handsome and dressed nicely.

Beauty Treatments

It’s not always possible for hospice patients to continue a beauty routine on their own. Weakness and pain can make hair styling and dressing quite tricky, especially if they’re bedfast. Show your loved ones how much you care and help them with these issues as much as they can tolerate.

What lady doesn’t like to be primped, pampered, and treated like a queen for the day? Perhaps your loved one would enjoy this delight, and your hospice support team can help you make it happen. But, first, discuss it with the patient and get their input. Remember that guys like to feel handsome, too, so your male loved one may be a good sport.

Creating More Wonderful Moments

It’s wise to have a basic supply of cosmetics and hairstyling supplies available. Female patients who regularly wear makeup will probably have their favorites on hand. Hospice patients often have fragile skin, so be gentle when applying makeup and nail polish. While most guys don’t want cosmetics, you can still help them shave, moisturize, and comb their hair.

Don’t forget to have the all-important accessories. Even a bedfast patient can enjoy tasteful costume jewelry and lovely scarves. Let your loved one tell you what colors she likes and what styles make her feel natural and comfortable. Hats, bows, and gloves are also fun if they want. Men may like to wear a stylish hat, tie, or something to make them feel handsome.

Why not take some unique glamour photos? They can have a few selfies and then have some pictures with family members. When your loved one passes on, the pictures and memories you created will be a priceless comfort. In addition, your hospice support team may inspire some other great ideas for making your loved one feel special.